The rig works and I flew all sorts of missions

A project log for Your Personal Flight Simulator

Take some off the shelf parts, some miscellaneous materials, and a couple of dead laptops and make a flight simulator

samernsamern 04/12/2017 at 01:480 Comments

I configured this beast with everything I had and kept tweaking it until I had a working system. And of course, it works and works well. But it's mounted to my desk....

As you can see I have yolk, pedals, single engine throttle quadrant, a 6-pack, radio, transponder, annunciator, all the goodies. You can also see the computer at bottom left. Can you see how it has hijacked my desk? This thing is also running off my old TV using a DVI input. What you don't see are the 3 powered USB hubs behind the panel. Next step, get the monitors together....