C.H.I.P Pro BoomBox Dip

A Dual Mini Speaker Dip for the C.H.I.P Pro

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A Mini Dual Speaker hat for the C.H.I.P Pro, I wont let this project rest until it plays BANGERZ

Demo of the Dual Mini Speaker hat above.

5/16/17 New Design with the MAX98 Ampifier_________

updated BooMBox DIP looks like its ready to be the bard for the skeleton war.

Hackaday Challenge 2017 Section


Challenge the project addresses

  • The Absence of music

How will alleviate or solve the problem that the project addresses?

  • It solves the problem of people missing out on Kendrick Lamar's latest Song.

Discuss how the project might be world changing.

  • I played a song and a seagull started dancing

Git Hub Included


Initial design, adding artwork to the pcb.

  • Captains Log #9 :R.I.P Chip Pro

    Ricardo Ferro06/07/2017 at 15:56 1 comment

    Outstanding service for 4 months. Ill get another chip pro, I will have to make a redesign since the lower pins barley lasts a re-solder

  • Captains Log #8

    Ricardo Ferro04/30/2017 at 06:15 0 comments

    Ordered the PCB via OSH park :), now we wait.

  • Captains Log #6

    Ricardo Ferro04/29/2017 at 20:49 0 comments

    In this revision I removed the LED for an MAX9803 2 channel amplifier.Added 2x trimmer for gain control.

  • Captains Log #5

    Ricardo Ferro04/28/2017 at 23:08 0 comments

    A quick redesign will be added to add a 2 channel ampilier

  • Captains Log #4

    Ricardo Ferro04/26/2017 at 04:59 0 comments

    Just designed aand 3D printed a little Bumper case for the Prototype Boom box, It is also included in the mini BoomBox DIY Kit.

  • Captains Log #3

    Ricardo Ferro04/25/2017 at 17:02 2 comments

    I will add the "CHIP BoomBox DIP Prototype 1" on Tindie for sale. One will be Pre-Assembled and the other will be in a kit.

    I sell on Tindie

  • Captains Log #2

    Ricardo Ferro04/23/2017 at 00:34 2 comments

    So far I made some changes on the PCB board.

      1. Tapered soft corner edges
      2. Added more Speaker Holes
      3. Swapped the upper gpio through holes with silent SMD tactile buttons (they are comfortable to press)
      4. Grounded the top layer so the art design solder mask shows copper instead of the bare pcb layer.
      5. Added a power on/off button smd button connection.

    1. Captains Log #1

      Ricardo Ferro04/21/2017 at 22:10 0 comments

      I tested the speakers I ordered and they worked great on the L and R channels, they were soft sounding speakers so I will replace it, with louder speakers, and also update the PCB silkscreen design.

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