Where is the College of the Creatives?

I can't find anything about the 8th group in the design lab's residence program.

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Let me just say I love the Hackaday community and the wonderful inventions it shares with the world.

I couldn't help but notice that all of the new DesignLab residents are up on the Hackaday page. Yet while in the lab recently I noticed that there was a project on the whiteboard with the name “College of the Creatives”. There's no mention of the project on the SupplyFrame DesignLab resident page that corresponds with it. This got me super curious about what this group is doing because the other residents are posting weekly.

I recently went to a meet up at the DesignLab. During the event, I went snooping around and found a locker with a team name that didn't correspond to any of resident projects on the web page.

So who’s Mother Father?!? “By George, I think I’ve got it!” This must be the College of the Creatives locker!

It’s really unfair that this group is not sharing with the community.

Stay tuned...

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