A project log for DEFCON 25 Unofficial Badge

Buttons, OLED display, and, of course, blinkin’ lights! Space Invader on the outside, but on the inside? Get one and find out!

Dylan C.Dylan C. 04/15/2017 at 21:390 Comments

In the next month or so, My team and I will be releasing a Kickstarter to boost the production of these badges. 100 Will be sold, If you want to know when the badges start sell please watch my twitter feed closely (@MiniMrshmallow). We don't expect for these to sell in 12 hours (Are badge isn't that cool) but we don't want you to not be guaranteed a badge.

The main price will be determined in the next coming weeks so just know its coming! We can't wait to release this and start getting code going out regularly. We are close with the hardware so we are sure a badge will get in your hands!

*Pew Pew* -Mini