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A project log for Tipo : Braille Smartphone Keypad

A keyboard accessory for a smartphone for training, and typing in braille

VijayVijay 11/20/2018 at 07:390 Comments

Tipo Braille Keyboard Phase 1 Project Plan

Feedback from latest user test:

  1. Main keys (6 keys) should be placed at equal distance and perpendicular to each other(in a straight line).
  2. Buttons get stuck into the panel while punching, button quality to be better
  3. Keypunching registers are not regular. Sometimes, the keys are not captured accurately
  4. Separate buttons required for space, delete and enter keys
  5. 4-way navigation keys required programmed with swipe left and swipe right features
  6. USB port to be replaced with Bluetooth (4.0 or higher)
  7. Keys can be smaller, square shaped
  8. The texture of the front of the device can be made non-slippery
  9. Size of the device to be reduced to suit portrait mode
  10. Silicone material to be pasted on the edges of the device
  11. Removable tool to be affixed on the device
  12. Optional: volume rocker buttons to be installed

Design Changes being considered for next prototype considering feedback:

  1. Main 6 Braille keys placed in a equidistant rectangular grid
  2. Replacing existing silicone buttons with higher quality buttons

  3. Separate buttons for Space, Enter and Backspace
  4. 5 way navigation + OK/Enter key :
  5. Bluetooth operation instead of USB
  6. Designed for Portrait mode use case
  7. Volume rocker switch to be added: