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A project log for Tipo : Braille Smartphone Keypad

A keyboard accessory for a smartphone for training, and typing in braille

VijayVijay 10/30/2017 at 11:112 Comments

Because of the national coverage that Tipo has gotten, Many visually impaired have been getting in touch with me, and I wanted to write a log sharing some of the latest feedback:

1) The Blind "Baba" :

in India, a baba is a religious godman . One of the followers of a bind baba got in touch saying that, the baba struggles to update his social media, and needs help to do it every time. He uses a feature phone for convenience but wants to be self sufficient by using a smartphone. 

The tactile buttons were a breeze to use, and made him really happy. The problem is that he wanted to use Tipo in the regional language of Kannada.

Adding multi language support will be pushed up the priority list of to do tasks. 

2) The Blind lawyer:

I have never seen someone so happy and excited in my life. It bought a tear to my eye. He expressed how important such a device can be for the visually impaired who want to to move up in  their career by being self sufficient, and also to learn and be proficient in braille . He was happy to know that where are plans to code Tipo for contracted braille, as he is pretty advanced in braille. 

He expressed the need for some sort of navigational buttons to have move the cursor along sentences and paragraphs. 

He will be putting me in touch with the educated/working strata of the visually impaired, to get more people involved in testing. 

One another interesting feedback he gave, was that, we should charge a decent price for this device, as it is useful to the visually impaired, and needs to be respected. He gave me examples of some other products that had been abused because they were being given out for free. 


Shulie Tornel wrote 11/02/2017 at 22:24 point

Amazing. Love to hear this feedback! Thanks so much for sharing!

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Vijay wrote 11/03/2017 at 14:58 point

Thank you :)

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