Prototype Development for User Tests

A project log for Tipo : Braille Smartphone Keypad

A keyboard accessory for a smartphone for training, and typing in braille

Hanoz PatelHanoz Patel 01/12/2018 at 07:120 Comments

Consolidating on the Hackaday Prize recently received for the Best Product Design and 5th Place overall at the Hackaday SuperCon 2017, we have been working on developing more prototypes for the purpose of carrying out demonstration and user testing. This is done to gain some valuable feedback to carry out improvisation and additions, if necessary, to the functionality of the product. There was a slight change made to the prototype design to accommodate the 16 MHz oscillator within the enclosure we got 3-D printed. A slit was created at the back for the oscillator to provide preference to functionality over ergonomics in this iteration of the prototype.