Misadventures in PCB Design

A project log for Arduino Desktop

The desktop with an arduino as the main processor. Multitasking, Gaming, Graphics, and (later) File IO

dylan-brophyDylan Brophy 05/28/2024 at 17:150 Comments

Last log I designed a board and ordered it; a few days ago I received that board and assembled it.  Here's what it currently looks like, after some alterations:

The board came out nice if you ignore the modifications.  Unfortunately, after I baked the board for SMD soldering, the board fell while the solder was still liquid and components got thrown off the board.  When I put them back on, I mixed up two of the ICs, and I think this is why the voltage regulator flooded the 5v line with 11v.  Needless to say, numerous components were destroyed, so I don't know if certain components work.  Nonetheless, I was able to find several issues with my design, and so I'll be doing one more board run with a few modifications:

List of changes:

While I wait for the new board to arrive, I've been working on connecting this to my #uPD7220 Retro Graphics Card (and VGA hack), and at this point I can communicate with that card.  Due to hardware bugs and fried components, I can only do this by means of more modifications:

The card also has some design bugs, so I had to make some hacks there too.  I'll post a log to that project once I get a valid signal from the card - I think I'm getting close.

Well, that is all for now.