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A project log for Ultimate Serial Port Tool

Ultimate Serial Port Tool is a multi-function programmable instrument used for capturing, visualizing, and sending serial data.

Ryan C. MinnigRyan C. Minnig 04/18/2017 at 03:490 Comments

A friendly user interface can be the difference between a paperweight and a powerful tool for daily use. The Ultimate Serial Port Tool is getting it's first testing with the new UI which lets users have a lot of control over configuration of the hardware. The basic "port, baud, N,8,1" is only the start with the USPT hardware. The hardware is maturing the electrical interface and now the software is setting the procedural aspects of the communication. We are also starting to look at the higher level "protocol" part of the equation which is a unique way at looking at not only "RAW" data, but packetized chunks of asynchronous data as well. Anyone who has done UART development from a microcontroller to a peripheral knows PuTTy. We are now moving beyond PuTTy so users can understand the groups of data the flow from their devices, not just a raw stream of bytes with no timing information. We have some unique ways of viewing data that will provide insight you haven't seen before with asynchronous data.

Be looking for screen shots in the next few days to get an idea of what to expect as an interface to the already powerful and highly configurable hardware.