Part Showcase: Cree CLV1A

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Tiny MQTT-interoperable broadcast mesh networking with simple radios

DanielDaniel 04/17/2017 at 01:110 Comments

This board has a nifty little RGB LED called the Cree CLV1A. It's a 4-pin SMD part in what's called a 4-PLCC package. It looks like they are designed for video walls, but they also make great little indicators. The main problem is that they are way too bright at 20mA. On a previous project I used a small square of coroplast (plastic cardboard) as a diffuser to avoid blinding myself, lately I just put in much higher value (e.g. 180 Ohm) resistors.

The other problem with the CLV1A is that they are a bit expensive. The next board design will probably spec in several individual SMD LEDs, available in bulk for next to nothing.