A new beginning

A project log for hardpass0.2: hardware passwd manager w/ smart card

Use GPG, a Raspberry Pi and a ESP8266 to safely store your passwords - soon with GnuPG Smart Card support

girgir 04/17/2017 at 16:010 Comments

This is the first project log for the new and improved hardpass & hardpass-SCI.

Since 2016, hardpass has been completely re-made in KiCad. It now uses the bare SSD1306 OLED instead of the cheap modules you usualy get. This dramatically reduces thickness - you are now only limited by the type of buttons you choose.

Also, hardpass-SCI is now in development: it is a Smart Card Interface based on the NXP TDA8029 chip. It is intended to be used with a GnuPG smartcard.

This means, you don't need to store your private key on the Pi's SD card, where a weak encryption key could theoretically be brute forced.

I have begun using a GnuPG smartcard on my Laptop, and it is relatively easy to set up. Same as last year, my highest priority is University, so development might be a little slow.

I'd like to hear from you if you want to contribute to either hardpass or hardpass-SCI - just message me here or on github!