Some Images of the New Board

A project log for hardpass0.2: hardware passwd manager w/ smart card

Use GPG, a Raspberry Pi and a ESP8266 to safely store your passwords - soon with GnuPG Smart Card support

girgir 05/01/2017 at 12:560 Comments

I still got some work to do - but here is a first look at the new PCB, where the OLED is not on a module, but directly soldered onto hardpass.

Aligning the screen, so the solder pads match up, was rather tricky and took a few mintues. I used a small strip of double sided tape to hold the OLED down.

You can see it is now much neater! The underside is a little more packed now too:

you can see the two removed pins from the header, so the flat flex can lay underneath:

thanks for all your support this far!