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    Step 1

    Creating the AzureML web service

    1. Go to the pH meter experiment and chose "Open in studio"

    2. When you are in the studio run the experiment

    3. If the experiment is finished click on "DEPLOY WEB SERVICE"

    4. This brings you to the web service dashboard where copy and store the API key and go to the "REQUEST/RESPONSE" help page

    5. On the help page copy and store the Request URI

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    Step 2


    The button is connected to D4 with internal pullup enabled

    Wemos D1 miniTCS34725

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    Step 3

    Modify and upload the code

    1. Download the code and the modified TCS34725 library

    - The modified library is configured to use I2C on pin D5(SDA) and D6(SCL)

    2. Add the library to your libraries folder and open the code

    3. Change the following values in the code:

    LineValueChange to
    7<API key>The API key you copied in step 1
    17<SSID>Your network name
    18<Passphrase>You network password
    20<Machine learning URL>The Request URI you copied in step 1

    4. When this is done you are ready to upload the code