USB PD Bench Power Supply

A programmable power supply that's both USB-powered and reasonably capable

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A PD Buddy Sink and a DPH3205 buck-boost power supply module put together in a 3D printed housing to make a useful programmable power supply that's powered from USB.

Inspired by a comment on the PD Buddy Sink, I decided to put a Sink and a DPH3205 in a box. A few weeks later for shipping from China, followed by a couple days to model and print the housing, I had a 45 W bench power supply that's powered from USB PD. It could be configured for up to 100 W, but I don't have a USB PD power supply with that much power output to test it with.

  • 1 × PD Buddy Sink
  • 1 × DPH3205
  • 2 × Binding post One red, one black.
  • 6 × M3×10 socket head screw
  • 4 × M3x16 socket head screw

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  • 1
    Step 1

    Print the housing parts. I used ABS, which I don't recommend due to warpage. Clean them up when you're done.

  • 2
    Step 2

    While you wait for the housing to print, configure the PD Buddy Sink for 20 V at whatever current you want. In my case, that's 2.25 A, but if you have a more powerful supply available, you may want more current.

  • 3
    Step 3

    Put the DPH3205 panel in the front of the housing. It should click into place nicely.

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