Working Through PWM API

A project log for Arduino-Tiva

An Arduino clone based on a TI's TM4C123G (An ARM M4F running at 80Mhz with USB OTG)

Jacob 05/19/2017 at 17:280 Comments

While working trough verifying each function of the chip I've begun to notice that much of the Energia API for hardware features are actually implemented in software (vs. using the on chip hardware). For instance, PWM. The Energia Servo, or PWM, library is actually implemented manually using general purpose timers rather than the integrated PWM module.

I guess this is fine, but what I'd really like to see is Energia making use of the integrated hardware for these functions. I was tempted to "fix" that and actually spent a few hours attempting to get the TivaC drivers to work in Energia but had no success for PWM. GPIO works though. Ultimately doing this is out of scope for my immediate project so I'll just focus on verifying the rest of the features of the chip and finalize the circuit design and board layout.