Small Progress - Energia Not Necessary

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An Arduino clone based on a TI's Tiva TM4C123G (An 80Mhz ARM M4F with USB OTG)

jacobJacob 06/02/2017 at 03:110 Comments

Tonight I just finished creating a JSON index file for the Boards Manager that is compatible with both the Arduino and Energia IDEs. I've successfully tested compilation and flashing through both IDEs. For some reason the current JSON index file was only compatible with Energia, and would cause Arduino IDE to throw java null pointer exceptions. After reworking the file it's properly parsed by both IDEs.

Something learned along the way:

When building a custom JSON index file for theBoards Manager, toolsDependencies.packager should match the top level value where the tools are described.

For instance when building the new file I had to make in order to have arm-none-eabi-gcc compiler and dslite flasher installed along with this board.

packages.platforms.toolsDependencies.packager =
I'll post the new JSON in the file section here for anyone interested in seeing a working example.