Detour Project

A project log for Roadrunner (the Arduino-Tiva)

An Arduino clone based on a TI's Tiva TM4C123G (An 80Mhz ARM M4F with USB OTG)

jacobJacob 08/05/2017 at 20:010 Comments

Have you ever been in the middle of testing some DIY thingy and though to yourself, "It wish I had a ____ to help me test this". So while I was testing all the pins on this board I thought it would be nice to have a simple board with LED's I could plug into the headers to help testing go faster. I also wanted to add more LED's to the new board revision and properly make use of MOSFETs to drive them, instead of sourcing current directly from the μC. So I decided to whip up a simple board with 4 LED's driven by MOSFETs. So I came up with the "Nibbler". I'll probably post a quick project page documenting this. I'll also get to try soldering some 1208 resistor arrays.