Register 54ALS996

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A breadboard-able computer which uses only a single instruction - MOVE

Justin DavisJustin Davis 04/20/2017 at 17:521 Comment

I've found my go-to 8-bit register - the 54ALS996. It has an 8-bit input for loading from the data bus. And the value can be read back on these same pins to be put back onto the bus. In addition, it has a second output port which can go to whatever other circuit like say the ALU. So it's like a two-port register with input and output on one port, and output-only on the second port. And it's an active chip. It's perfect. Thank you Texas Instruments for not obsoleting all of these old chips.


Yann Guidon / YGDES wrote 04/20/2017 at 18:57 point

Nice find ! I didn't know this one...

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