• Sketches, Available Stock

    Nihilianth04/19/2017 at 16:45 0 comments

    I decided to keep the size of my vise close to the original, so I could re-use the available jaw models. After some sketching I came up with this design:

    The shafts will be secured to the fixed end by either a thread in the end of a shaft, loctite or a grub screw.

    The movable end of the vise will consist of two springs, two machined brass bushings and two parts made from square stock, aswell as the locking mechanism I will describe later.

    The bushing will be machined from round brass stock. It allows the movable end to slide on the round shafts, aswell as implements the spring loaded jaws. It will either receive a thread on the right end or be fixed using loctite or such.

    The locking mechanism is probably the only functional difference to the StickVise. Instead of using a wing nut to fix it firmly to the shaft, I could like to use a cam lever which would lock the moving end to the shafts when flipped by 90°. I haven't decided yet whether I will manufacture the eccentric levers myself or purchase an existing design (bicycle quick release locks)

    Since I want my Stickvise clone to be a cheapie, I will be reusing some stock / cutoffs laying around. I've found some fitting square stock and round shafts salvaged from an old fax machine. So I will only have to purchase some round brass stock and optionally the levers.

    My BOM so far looks like this:

    • 15x15x300 mm square aluminium stock
    • 6x200 mm round shafts (2x)
    • 14 / 16 mm round brass stock
    • bicycle quick release lever

    Next step wwill be creating a proper CAD model and cutting the stock to size.