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A project log for Teensy LC chord strummer

USB MIDI chord strumming controller with Omnichord style keyboard layout and capacitive touch strum pad.

Johan BerglundJohan Berglund 04/23/2017 at 19:520 Comments

This was not a thing on top of my list, but I got curious of the Karplus-Strong implementation in the Teensy Audio Library, and took 30 minutes of my lunch break to put it in my strummer. The Teensy Audio Library requires at least a Teensy 3.2 to work, but I had found a Teensy 3.2 lying around that I had almost forgotten. It even had an audio output jack set up already. With some help from Paul Stoffregen's Touch Guitar code, I had the Teensy 3.2 programmed and working in no time, and the result was not bad at all. Very autoharp sounding :)

I have added the new code to the Github repo.

And a litte video snippet for you...