Mechanical build 1

A project log for Ultra Servo

An ultra strong and fast servo that is reasonably priced. The goal is to generate 60ft*lbs (11 520oz*in) with 60 rpm no load rpm speed.

patchartrandpatchartrand 07/23/2017 at 03:020 Comments

I have finally recived my laser cut parts from the CNC place. They are immaculate. I encourage anyone to send sheet metal parts to a CNC place because it is almost like 3D printing. Just send your super duper intricate parts to the cutters via CAD file and like magic it comes out perfect!

Here is a photo of the box of parts.

The next step was to bend all the parts on my vice press brake. I bought mine from princess auto and it worked quite well on the thin gauge material. Here is a link of the one that I have:;jsessionid=JcixUHKEpHpDr1jPZkeQnGe6.pal-prod-com1