Making and transfering the decal (Thermal)

A project log for Toner Transfer Decals

Using Toner Transfer to make project box graphics.

Hacker404Hacker404 04/21/2017 at 13:480 Comments

I have one of these -

Well mine is *like* this *but* it's over 25 years old and all the printing on the front panel is faded or scratched off.

I have been wanting to try to transfer color toner onto surfaces other than PCBs and this is my opportunity.

There will be some other MODs along the way. I want to change the front panel banana sockets to the safety type sockets so I can use any test leads that I have here.

As you can see, I drilled out the banana socket holes to fit the larger sockets -

And, well, um, oops! I am too used to reversing imaged for PCBs. I scrapped this and started over.

The parts of circle around the holes will be covered over by the new parts.

The electronics inside was still in very good condition. I made this from a kit over 25 years ago -

Tomorrow I will spray paint the panel with clear acrylic and re-assemble the unit.

This is more or less a proof of concept. The panel steel coated with black plastic that I have painted white to contrast the toner.

I am thermally transferring the toner with a laminator. The next test will be to transfer to plastic chemically using a mix of IPA and acetone.

I will write another log when I finish this (hopefully) tomorrow.