Hands Free Raspberry Pi Interface

Browse the Web and work with your pi hands free

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I love apps like Duollingo and Memrise that let me learn a new language for free. They may not be perfect, but it allows me to get a basis for any language that I want to learn. Unfortunately, I have trouble finding the time to sit down and practice with these apps regularly.

A great block of time to use though is when I commute to and from work. It gives me 10+ minutes to work on these skills on a regular basis. I can do this without too much trouble, since I walk to work currently. What would be ideal would be having a device that would make interfacing with these apps as easy as making a phone call.

The idea of this project is to use composite TV glasses and connect them to a raspberry pi. The Pi will be programmed with voice recognition software so that navigating online or on the Pi, can be done hands free. I will also remove the backing of the TV glasses screens, so that the screens will be virtually transparent.

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