Alleviating Secure Communication Problems

A project log for Portable Encoding Unit

The PEU, Portable Encoding Unit, is an end-to-end encoding and decoding device allowing secure communications across insecure channels

codemonkycodemonky 04/22/2017 at 03:290 Comments

The issue of having relatively secure communications is an important one for many people.

Executing the development of such systems is not easy, as it often requires knowledge and experience with the kinds of attacks and compromises one might face. Often, security is compromised by trying to do too much in one system. Therefore, the idea of "do one thing well" is important to making this happen properly.

An additional issue is that, faced with sophisticated attackers, there are many compromises that may be possible. Therefore, the user must be able to trust the encoding module. The ability to develop their own encoding modules or to use a trusted source for them is important to ensuring security. The encoding modules must be projects little more in scope than arduino-scale projects and be able to be plugged into the PEU. It must be a well-defined mechanical and electrical standard which is easily complied with. The code modules should be able to utilize the most advanced algorithms available and old, known-compromised algorithms must be easily replaced.

So, the project will entail the development of the following major assemblies:

1. Terminal subsystem electronics

2. 3D printed enclosure

3. Encoding module

The initial unit will utilize a non-ordinance/non-ITAR quality coding module to demonstrate the principle and to define the design and relevant standards. Further development will be up to future users.