Is this world changing?

A project log for Portable Encoding Unit

The PEU, Portable Encoding Unit, is an end-to-end encoding and decoding device allowing secure communications across insecure channels

codemonkycodemonky 04/22/2017 at 03:380 Comments

With what we know from events in the past few years, we see that all states around the world continuously surveil their own citizens as well as resident and non-resident non-citizens. We know that virtually all current communication and computing devices have been compromised and turned into tracking and monitoring devices.

There is a real need for people seeking the realization of their basic human rights to be able to communicate without surveillance (or at least by making such surveillance more difficult). Individuals, non-governing political groups, monitoring NGO's, activists and journalists must be able to freely communicate without fear of surveillance. The absense of that situation stifles free speech and free expression.

There are currently no existing easy solution to this problem. This project aims to start development of a system which could lead towards greater freedom of speech, and freedom of expression and communications for all people around the world. Having widely available secure communication can be world-changing.