Programming the Robot

A project log for 3d printed Mobile Robot for STEM education

Its a 3d printed Mobile robot for STEM education. Just 3d print model files, install Ardublock and start learning about programming robots!

shamylmansoorshamylmansoor 08/04/2014 at 07:270 Comments

We have developed this project to teach programming to high school kids. It can be used by university students by replacing the Arduino board with something more powerful like the Raspberrry PI giving it features like openCV and python programming. 

In the first version we use an open source graphical tool called ArduBlock to program the robot. This makes it easy for students to learn programming just like the learn to programs with tools like Alice and Scratch

Ardublock is a graphical programming language for Arduino. To get started with programming the robot the following steps are required.

1. Download and Install the Arduino IDE.

2. Read the getting started page. (Optional)

3. Download and install Ardublock 

4. Open Ardublock and start programming!