First impressions

A project log for Refugee reuniter

Find your loved ones if you get separated.

ZalmotekZalmotek 04/22/2017 at 15:020 Comments

We’ve started with checking each component by connecting them to the board.

For the bracelet we used only an RFID module and a something to hold it. For the RFID scanner we have used an RFID receiver and a LCD i2c 16x2 interface.

It all started with by soldering the pins for our modules and decide what type of protocols we are going to use. After that, we began programming the RFID receiver to identify the serial code of each chip and compare it with a code already registered. A message is shown on the Serial Monitor if the serial codes correspond.

Following up, the LCD was connected to the board in order to have the message printed on the display.

We used PVC boards to model the enclosure of our device and perform measured cuts of the right dimensions for the LCD display.