Version 7_8_2_187 released

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Graphical Development Environment for Arduino controller type boards

Boian MitovBoian Mitov 09/04/2017 at 19:060 Comments

Just released Visuino version  7_8_2_187 with new ESP8266 Serial module implementation

Added support for Makerfabs Maduino LoRa Radio IoT Microcontrollers
Completely redesigned ESP8266 as AT serial module support
Added initial support for playing tones
Added support for ESP32 Hall Sensor
Added Reset, Deep Sleep and Reset Info for ESP8266
Added Reset, and Deep Sleep for ESP32
Improves EVIVE support
Added support for interrupts for the Rotary Encoder
Improved Pulse Meter component
Improved ESP32 compatibility
Improved LCD component
Reduced memory usage by a number of components
Improved ILI9341 compatibility with some of the controllers
Improved support for RS485 communication