The heart rate for the project can be constructed with an open source ppg sensor and a small wifi enabled microcontroller such as the redbear blend. Alternatively, you can use an Android Wear Enabled 2.0 sensor.

The EEG is hacked with a Olimex OpenEEG kit. This is reduced to clip like modular single channel modules that can be clipped on to an EEG headset.

Using the Google Awareness and Calendar API the application can detect a busy or hectic schedule and correlate it with your emotional state. This emotion date can also be integrated to recommend activities and scheduling that will reduce your stress and improve your productivity and personal relationships.

The clock is built with a Seeduino, but the goal is to reduce the cost by using an ESP8266 Wifi module.

Thansk to Brett Hileman for the beautiful clock design and teaching me how to tie a YUN to a server.