rDUINOScope Controll Unit V1.5

A project log for GoTo Telescope Control for rDUINOScope

Standalone Hardware Control Unit for use with "rDUINOScope" Firmware

Otto WinterOtto Winter 06/11/2017 at 19:511 Comment

The next Version 1.5 has much more changes.
One of them, is the implementation of IPS Display with 320x480 resolution & Capacitive Touch Screen.

Supplement from 3. of July 2017:
After some comparing the different solutions for this new Version, we have decided to delay the timimg of the new design, because we do not will to bild it as Prototyp...

I think, it could be finished first in about 3-4 months or more!

I'm sorry but we want to make a lot of improvements and for this we need much more time than we had planned.
Not only the Hardware must be finished, the software must be completely rewritten an tested!


Volker Pajonk wrote 04/27/2019 at 18:51 point

Hi Otto, 

really cool project. I'm new to astronomy and just owned a 10" Dobsonian Telescope. Now I want to automate the telescope finding objects with help of software Stellarium. 

So I think of buying rDUINOScope, building a modified Rockerbox with some mechanics ....

- Can you give an update of the timeplan for V1.5 (with larger touch)? 

- What other new features do you think of?

- Is the software universal for both EQ-Mount and AltAz? Where is the switch in case of changing the mounting system? (By SW-Preferences, a HW-Switch or ? When ordering do I need to say which Mounting I use?

- I also would like to order a housing for the controll unit.

Thanks in advance,


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