rDUINOScope Control V1.3

This is the professional version of "rDUINOScope" Control Unit

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Sorry for my bad english grammar...

This hardware project is "Open Source" and for all "Private-Uses"!
Comercial User (Companies) should ask me for the mass production rights!

1. Picture is the complete Telescope-Control-Unit, incuded the "Arduino DUE" Board.
2. Picture is the control unit with look at the bottom side, this can be odered by me.
3. Picture is the driver unit for the two stepper motors and joysick hand control unit.
4. Picture is the Schematics of the hardware, for user, who want to to bild it by self...
The last two pictures are the PCBs, top and bottom side.

The advantage of this hardware project is, it is not more expensive than the separately purchased components and you only need to connct it to "Arduino DUE" Board, load the "rDUINOScope" software and let it run & enjoy to look at the amazing sky...

This hardware design is for the open source project of "rDUINOScope", designed by
Dessislav Gouzgounov (Bulgaria) and with helping of community of over 150 members!
The whole Project Home is here:

The "rDUNINOScope Control V1.3" Unit works only with Arduino DUE or compatible Boards and the "rDUINOScope" Software!

The Stepper Motor Driver section is designed for max 1A / phase (2A / Motor).
The Driver (Texas DRV8846) is configurable with up to 32 Microsteps.
No external Heatsink needed, beacuse the PCB has the same function and it is big enough.

Each Motor is secured with "Auto-Reset" Fuses, because of short of the wires and / or overdrive of the Motors.

My tests have shown that, in my case, 1A / Phase is sufficient for NEMA 17 stepper Motors.
If we need more Motor Power (NEMA 23/24) then we can connect a "Bosst-Stage"
for up to 4-5A / phase!

Because the system is designed modular, we can very easy change the Motor Driver Unit to other Driver like TMC2660 with up to 256 Microsteps, SPI control and higher Motor current, thus we get many Arduino Ports free for new Hardware control...

The Full-HD Videoclip ist here:


The Version V1.4a has some little changes, because of compatibility to the Firmware 2.3_Boiana_EQ and bellow. Some PCB Layout optimisations was maded to better soldering some parts.

JPEG Image - 1.04 MB - 06/20/2017 at 23:11

Preview Download


It is the Version 1.4 of the Schematics with DRV8825 stepper Drivers. This Drivers, can drive, up to 2,2A with sufficient (heatsink) cooling...

JPEG Image - 1.08 MB - 06/11/2017 at 21:03

Preview Download


This is a 3D Videoclip of the control Unit.

MPEG-4 Video - 49.94 MB - 05/06/2017 at 21:18



Full list "Bill of Material" for rDUINOScope Control V1.3

Adobe Portable Document Format - 66.20 kB - 04/29/2017 at 08:02

Preview Download

Bill of Material.pdf

The BOM is only a simple & rough composition! If somebody need a detailed one, download this above...

Adobe Portable Document Format - 203.94 kB - 04/28/2017 at 22:47

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  • 1 × Adruino DUE Board (not Included)
  • 1 × Bluetooth Modul HC-06
  • 1 × Humidity Sensor DHT22-G
  • 2 × Stepper Motor Driver DRV8846
  • 1 × U-Box GPS Modul NEO-6M

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Diego Dabrio-Polo wrote 6 days ago point


• Probably this is not the right place to post this comment, and maybe I should write a Private Message. I do not know to whom I should write of how to do it.

I do not know the etiquette rules of this site yet, and I prefer to be extra-cautious.

I have just joined Hackaday because of this stunning rDUINOscope Control project.

I am an amateur telescpe maker and I need a control unit, that can work either standalone or connected to a PC or android device (with Stellarium)

I also need to be able to use my own stepper motors with their specific step count.

Therefore, this project suits me perfectly.

I have been looking for something like this for ages!

• I want to make a rDUINOscope Controller, and I want to make one and test it as soon as possible.

I am ready to buy all the pieces from eBay or Aliexpress, but I need the PCBs. I imagine you can provide them. I would like to buy a bundle (a kit with all the items) from you, if possible.

• I would like to join your project and get involved in it, but I do not know if you need me, because my programming skills are very basic.

I can solder pretty well, and I could test the controller of contribute in other forms.

• I would like also benefit from the V 1.5 version of the project, but if you have old V 1.3 or V 1.4 PCBs that you want to get rid of, I can buy them and make an older version.

In fact I do not know if different versions of the rDUINOscope Control share PCBs

I also do not know when V 1.5 will be ready. I can wait, but I am so eager...

Thank you, 

Best regards


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Otto Winter wrote 5 days ago point

Thank you for the message, it is arrived on the right place...
I'm  working on the V1.5 but the changes are much more as planed.
The V1.4a is the latest working version and it  is 100% compatible to rDUINOScope code from Dessislav.
New PCBs V1.4.a would be available in about 2-3 weeks.
The V1.5 Version takes probably more then 4-5 weeks, sorry...

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Gianluca wrote 04/28/2017 at 18:21 point

Sent a Private Message

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Otto Winter wrote 04/27/2017 at 11:06 point

For all Users, Likers, Followers, tahank you for your interest on this usefull project!
I'm shure, that this hardware unit, could help, for many telescope owners, who do'nt have any positioning control unit, because they are too expensive.
This hardware is build up modular and can easy customized for different requirements...
Any suggestions or constructive criticism, are welcome!

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