It is getting there!

A project log for Obsolete Time

Minimalist desk clock based around Russian Nixie tubes.

operaptoropeRaptor 04/21/2014 at 01:100 Comments

We are done with designing, just about to order the boards to be manufactured!

A few "features" and design choices have been added or altered. We chose to go back the popular Arduino platform, not because MSP430 is hard, but more because the code is already running on the prototype and we know it works, porting the code is just an extra unnecessary step.

A knock "sensor" has been added, this will allow to lower the brightness just by tapping twice on the wooden frame.

The relay is here to stay, I promise it wont click to loud or too often.

Case is next, laser cutting has come a long way, the choice of materials and thickness is appropriate so we are looking to get a couple made that way. Hopefully going to visit a specialised workshop (CutLaserCut) in London next wednesday.

In regards to quality, we will not settle for anything that doesn't feel right, experimentation is everything.