60 to 80% of people that suffer from MS are sensitive to heat. This can cause symptom exacerbation and lead to a visit to the ER. This is also true for people that live with a heat related illness. If either group has a prolonged exposure to a hot environment, for example an 80 to 90 degree day, this could have disastrous consequences. They tend to live indoors during the hotter months of the year, even causing some people to relocate to colder climates. Another problem area my system targets is exertional heat stroke. Exertional heat stroke is a leading cause of sudden sport-related deaths during hot weather and is also a leading problem for workers that are exposed to prolonged or excessively hot environments.

This product will change lives by allowing people with MS and heat-related illnesses to lead normal lives in the hot summer months. People with heat-related illnesses will be able to go outside and play ball with their kids, go on that bike ride or hike, or enjoy a baseball game. This system will allow those people whose professions involve working outside to be able to go home safe and healthy and not have signs of exertional heat stroke. First responders could be equipped with this system to help with heat exhaustion emergency calls. Overall, this will help to keep people out of the emergency rooms and hospitals which will help to lower their health insurance costs.

Using Micrium RTOS on the STM32F microcontroller. Micrium requires a license to use there RTOS.