First log and what has been done before

A project log for Spirits of the city - 街霊

Family of one feet tall spirits who react to human presence and are radio connected to each other.

felix-raimundoFelix Raimundo 07/26/2014 at 23:490 Comments

This project was first started by four first year student in Telecom ParisTech that I helped to tutor and they did an amazing job !

I have started to rewrite the code and fix some bug since they finished the project, the main plan from now on is to fix the last bug on this version (the children freeze some time and we have to reboot them, which sucks since we plan on leaving them a few days alone in a the streets).

The PCBs also has to be rebuilt, as they currently only allow for what they currently do, and I would like a lot to add some behavior on them, whether it is adding BLE connection or other inputs / outputs. Indeed they currently only have one ADC used (light detector or PIR) and I would like the father to have them both (so that he could sleep during daytime and thus doubling the autonomy).