Full Rotation Neato XV11 Lidar Mount

Adding a full rotation mount allows the XV11 to generate full 3D depth clouds

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Creating a rotational mount for the XV11 Lidar is fairly simple from a parts perspective, a slip ring, a spindle, a motor, pillow blocks, and an encoder. The software component includes a joint state publisher for ROS and a pd controller for the spindle speed.

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brandon shrewsbury wrote 08/03/2014 at 00:48 point
Sorry about the ambiguity. I'm procrastinating with the details and build log. I'm just adding an additional rotational joint in order to get 3D scans similar to the Multisense-SL's setup. If you want to try to revive your lidar you could look at adafruits slip rings. It would be a little tough to modify but doable.

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IT-Wizard wrote 08/02/2014 at 20:45 point
sorry, but I do not get the point. Are you going to build your own Lidar ?
I am a owner of a Neato with a broken Lidar; apparently, the splip ring is dead.

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