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Lug-able ATX workstation and monitor in hand luggage sized Pelican case

david-brownDavid Brown 04/24/2017 at 21:120 Comments

The motherboard and power supply are held in place by ties to rings fitted to the case, this keeps the components firmly attached to the base of the case, whilst allowing some movement and thus reducing the shock loads.

This case is not designed for the same environment that you would normally subject a pelicase to, but provides resistance to being moved frequently.

I recycled the carbon-foam sandwich panel from the previous case iteration, to keep a rigid base for the mother board.

Cable ties hold the base board to the base of the case, I used small triangle d-rings used for hanging pictures as the are small and light weight, and fit the M3 button head screws well.

Similar for the PSU, i'm going to replace the nylon line with cable ties, as although the line is strong enough, i'm not sure of its elacticity / the amount it will stretch.