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Lug-able ATX workstation and monitor in hand luggage sized Pelican case

david-brownDavid Brown 04/24/2017 at 21:240 Comments

The hardware fits well, its not perfect, but that's a function of the options available for construction.

Ideally you would cast the foam and case hardware in place onto plasma activated plastic surface of the case. But i'm pleased with what i've achieved.

Initial fit up, In this photo i've not fitted the two carbon angle beam that support one side of the GPU card and prevent it moving in the direction of the CPU.

Back cover and bezel removed from the monitor (Dell S2240Lc) means it just fits inside the case, The USB3.0 adapter needs a hole cutting in the carbon fiber top plate and also a mounting plate making, i'm still deciding on how to best go about it.

I'm using flexible flat cable to HDMI adapters, which can be found on ebay for $15 (search for "HDTV FPC Flat Cable") and make connecting the monitor easier. I still need to trim the foam so that the cable does not rub against the top plate.