Rather than specify specific hardware, this project will attempt to use whatever information is available, hardwired or discovered wirelessly, to acquire data such as...
* Camera to detect facial gestures.
* Thermal Imaging to detect skin temperature (i.e. a "Hot Head".)
* Accelerometers to detect hard acceleration, breaking, lane-changing and corning.
* GPS to get speed.
* Connecting to the car's CAN Bus to access Throttle, Tachometer, Breaking.
* Audio with speech recognition to detect if a lone drive is cursing out loud.

An important aspect of this is detecting the early stages of Aggressive Driving before it gets out of control, while also NOT being susceptible to false triggers from a single evasive maneuver, or driving on bumpy dirt roads or cobblestones. This phase of the project is only concerned with detection, not with actually what to do once Aggressive Driving has been detected.