The ideal construction

A project log for Printing bones on a DIY powder bed 3d printer

This project focuses on using building a budget powder bed 3d printer capable of printing bones, and creating the needed ink and powder.

jureJure 05/10/2017 at 22:030 Comments

In one of the logs I have mentioned that I will be reworking the construction. By that I mean, that I want to build a system with only one cylinder and a hopper like sytem which feeds powder from a large reservoir to the build space. By doing this I will be making the filling of the machine much easier and at the same time hopefuly increas the life span of the nozzle. One of the biggest problems of current system is that a lot of powder gets in to surrounding air. This makes space around the printer and machine itself dirty, which in a longer term leads to machine damage or even failure. This is due to residual powders collecting on greasy or wet surfaces and then solidifying. This leads to bearing or bushing damage on rails, axles and motors. It also shortens lifespan of printhead and makes it unreliable. One of the things that would be nice to include in the ideal machine is a vacuum that lets you to suck all of the remaining powder out of the build volume and at the same time it doesn't make a mess. All of the sucked powder would then get into a bin where it would be filtered and then sent back to the reservoir.

This concept was left as one of the last steps needed to upgrade the printe due to the fact that it needs a little bit more thought put in. Also it is not as important as other steps as I can still work a little bit more carefully with powders, but in the long ter this would get very tedious.