First protoboard alive

A project log for Waterpump control with ESP8266

Control waterpump with ESP8266 with some extra safety checks.

Pauli SalmenrinnePauli Salmenrinne 05/17/2017 at 07:030 Comments

I have been soldering the first protoboard. Today morning, when power applied it woke up and everything seemed to work. I have almost up to date schematics on pen-n-paper style, but i think i will not draw them clean, unless requested. Some hardware changes:

I also updated the first code to github, that contains the current 'testcode' -- its to be fully rewritten. This one is for proof-of-concept and hardware verification.

I stumbled a bit with memory on the ESP, seems like the WiFiClientSecure (that is needed to send email via google smtp) is a shitty library. For debugging purposes i had my logs ringbuffer quite large -> memory quite low, and the board seemed to throw exception with no good reason when trying to send the email. Shit.

There are few more jump-wires to be connected but then the (board) hardware is done. Other hardware stuff needed is to make case for the ultrasound ranger (measuring water level) and something for the 'water switch' (making sure water appears on the top, and pipe is not disconnected).