Modified the preview style for pre-commit pictures

A project log for FabDoc - Version Control Tool for makers

Simplify the way of documenting projects in software and hardware, based on Raspberry Pi Zero and camera module

kevin-chengKevin Cheng 06/21/2017 at 16:020 Comments

The goal of layout while passing images from Raspberry Pi into browser is like the wireframe below.

We used one-directional scrolling feature for image preview from the project darsain/sly (GitHub), and the result is pretty nice!

The Next Step

Setup our database for FabDoc-console, and categories of db are going to be like following structure:

    • tables: Project, Commit, Machines
    • Project: id, name, description, License
    • Commit: id, project_id, user_id, message, components, repos, note, image_file (components: [ { name: "hook", quantity: 2, point:[left-top, right-bottom] }, …])
    • Machines: id, name, description, commit_id