Hacking and turning headlight into portable FabDoc device

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Simplify the way of documenting projects in software and hardware, based on Raspberry Pi Zero and camera module

kevin-chengKevin Cheng 08/16/2017 at 04:070 Comments

Preparing for the workshop hosting in FAB13 (Fab Lab conference), one of our friend came up with a idea of that why not we just modify hiking headlight instead of goggle.

The cheapest headlight costs only $10, including 2 batteries (18650), LED and wearable set, so that we can simply remove LED and mount Raspberry Pi Zero + camera module.

Thanks to friends at the Taipei Hackerspace (Mr. Friday and Pandaman), we removed LED light and installed regulator module supporting RPi with 5v instantly. Also, we redesigned and integrated RPi Zero case into head mount. The batteries could theoretically provide 3-4 hours power support to RPi + camera module. The most wonderful thing is head mount can adjust angle of the view due to original LED mount design.

[During FAB13 conference]