Updated console, and the workshop in FAB13

A project log for FabDoc - Version Control Tool for makers

Simplify the way of documenting projects in software and hardware, based on Raspberry Pi Zero and camera module

kevin-chengKevin Cheng 08/16/2017 at 08:310 Comments

Updated console

We just built an experimental web app (FabDoc-console) along the wireframes showing in Details. The console server is based on Vuejs and Firebase. We also deployed a remote server for demo on AWS (IP address will update in FabDoc-console/

Current web app can generate QR code waiting for your connection from FabDoc-RPi-client. After console and device successfully communicate with each other, the capture pictures will display in preview column. At the time, enjoy your making and leave your computer dealing with record task alone.

The workshop in FAB13

To share with maker communities around the world, we are happy to join Fab Lab annual conference FAB13 (7/31 - 8/6) in Chile this year.

Kevin hosted a workshop to present the idea about FabDoc in the conference. During the week in Chile, we were so excited to show the project and giving live demos to everyone from worldwide fablabs.

Sadly, the network environment was extremely unstable in the event such that the devices and web app platform cannot fluently communicate with each other at all times. People who joined the workshop tried to setup the FabDoc-RPi-client and FabDoc-console as local server but cannot make it. That's not only caused by network issue, but also dependency installation problem happening within devices and server.

Many thanks to Pedro Garretón from Fablab U de Chile, who helped a lot of preparing materials in the workshop!

Random Demo Result

Though the workshop faced serious problem with network, Kevin tried to share his limited data plan and make his phone as hotspot after workshop. The more stable and faster network fed Raspberry Pi and make it possible to talk to our remote  console server. Hola!

the screen in the lower left corner shows streaming pre-commits

Kevin finally demonstrated our project in the demo session and luckily captured people's reaction by headlight-hacked FabDoc-RPi-client, and all of them are stored in our current remote server and temporary Firebase. (more pictures:

Impressive week with Fablab friends! Really nice to meet you!