HDMI Adapter Arrived

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Taking an old Cartesian FDM printer and modifying with a DLP projector to turn it into a resin 3D printer.

brandon-langdonBrandon Langdon 05/12/2017 at 17:460 Comments

Purchased a flat panel adapter (FPA) in early April and it took 38 days from that date to arrive, but it's here now. This converter is designed for the flat panel screen I'm using, LTN170WX-L08. These let you take any screen panel and turn it into a digital display with and HDMI, DVI, and VGA in. You can also ask the seller to do other connector types (ie display port or RCA video) but the price ramps up pretty fast for the custom functionality. Cost was $24 for this basic and common one. If one is to want to change the panel a new board will need to be ordered for that screen unless they happen to be the exact same connector. Irritatingly there isn't much of a consistent connector from panel to panel so one always needs to plan ahead for this.

Flat panel connection:

Comparison to the new adapter to manufacturer (top to bottom). Note the position of, what I assume, is power (in red/orange and copper,)and the more numerous data signal wires. I think I will add my own label before installing to always keep track on the position.

A permanent marker is also useful for making an asymmetric mark that crosses from the cable and onto the connector (digitally drawn as example).

Another item to show up was a CFL to LED converter which just so happens to be compatible with the flat panel adapter.

The power connector header from the flat panel adapter is the same so it saves me a bit of soldering