Software Considerations

A project log for FDM to DLP 3D Printer

Taking an old Cartesian FDM printer and modifying with a DLP projector to turn it into a resin 3D printer.

brandon-langdonBrandon Langdon 05/31/2017 at 18:540 Comments

I have a couple options to look at based on:

What I want:

Front panel screen for slicer display, final model display, progress, and high level functionality. For this I was considering using the damaged chrome book and sending sliced files to a RaspberryPi which would control the stepper driver and output the image to the projector. User can then switch to the VGA output and front panel display option from the projector to view the currently projected displayed slice.


I will have to spend time developing all of the software for this project as it will require a slicer, two-way communication via Ethernet or USB, and other customizations that I'm sure I've not even considered yet.

Possible solution for more immediate test and progress:

Build the printer as intended with the dual computer control. Use NanoDLP to setup a control system on the Raspberry Pi for testing and general practice use. The chromebook would just be installed as a future upgrade, sandbox, and communication with the RaspberryPi.

I'm hoping to get settled down and do some work on the CAD files soon.