An energy utilisation display for grid/solar (PV) systems.

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Electrical parameters are measured using two CS5463 energy monitoring chips, two current transformers and a voltage transformer. Data is transmitted to a remote display via a
cc1101 433 MHz transmitter. A PIC 24FJ micro controls the measurement system.

A remote touchscreen display shows a range of electrical parameters including active and reactive power, energy (kWh), voltage and current. A bar shows 'net PV power production' - the difference between PV power and load.

The display also shows PV energy 'Utilisation'. This is the fraction of solar energy that has been consumed by the user. For example if the Utilisation is '0.25', 25% of the PV energy has been consumed and 75% has been exported to the grid. This is useful for folk who have a grid/PV system with net metering of their power supply.

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naneswaranv wrote 09/27/2017 at 13:09 point

Can you please share Circuits Diagram

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