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What is ubetaBot? It is an observatory robot that can fit in your palm. It is equipped with camera, video transmitter, radio receiver, a microcontroller, IR LED, motor driver and DC motors. Basically, you can navigate small areas even you are in great distance(100m-500m) through wireless controller(433Mhz RF module) communicating with the main controller(Atmega or MSP430 MCU). An on-board camera and video transmitter will let you scan the area under observation. While on the receiving end, a video receiver and LCD monitor will let you view the real-time situation in front of the robot.

Main Objectives:

  1. To build a smallest possible wireless controlled robot
  2. To be able to build an undetectable robot for indoor applications
  3. To build the robot using readily available sources

Due to its size and color, we will let this bot move around without being detected. A good mechanical parts should be enough to weaken the sound it propagate, one example is using rubber-made wheels. Well, it is always not true that it cannot be detected, the objective here is to design a bot that will people ignore even they have seen it. A good color choice that will let the bot easily blend to its surroundings. You can comment your suggested color(Black? Fatigue? White?). How about electronic-controlled color changing surface? Please give me some tips if you know a material or some successful experiments.

Talking about the power consumption. Due to its size, we might get the least capacity for LiPo battery, thus, decreasing the operating time. I’m not sure yet but the motors and video system might discharge as much as 1A, but unlike aerial bots, the motors will not constantly take current when not moving. The DC motors that we will use are those installed in SG-90 servo motors.They are extremely small and lightweight, if anyone can give me its part number, I would really appreciate.

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  • 1 × 5.8Ghz Video Transmitter and receiver
  • 1 × 2.4Ghz Radio System
  • 2 × IR LED
  • 2 × 2S LiPo Battery
  • 1 × Buck Converter Module

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  • MSP430

    untimony05/28/2017 at 12:43 1 comment

    Currently, I'm working on the software of the project. I can get it done fast using Arduino platform. But if I need to be done right, I need to build it right in the first place. I picked MSP430 for this project, I work on Timer Capture features to track the input PWM signal coming from the radio receiver. Then, another Timer block for PWM generation to control the motors. The project is simple and straight-forward, I need to control a bot that I can see through its camera using FPV modules.

    I'm starting to think of the features I can put on. Any ideas?

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