Eagle Files are Complete

A project log for Smart Antenna Tracker

An antenna tracker that adjusts for real-time changes in location, tilt & heading. It replaces a 915MHz 3DR ground radio module.

BrandonBrandon 08/01/2014 at 18:540 Comments

I have finished the schematic and board files for the Smart Tracker Controller.  The files are up on GitHub, the CAM files will be there soon.  I will be submitting them to ITEAD Studios to be manufactured.  I have used ITEAD studios once to make a PCB for a wildlife camera.  The boards there a cheap!  The trade-off is it can take a while to get them back from the fab house.   Last time I ordered from ITEAD was during the Chinese festival so that was the hold up.  The board quality these is not as good as OSH Park, but it is a fair trade-off for the price.  My last board had all the layers a few mills out of alignment, but the board still functioned.

The only problem I have is the .cam job ITEAD provides does not produce a .GKO and ITEAD requires a .GKO (board outline).  The .cam file produces a .do and a .GML which both appear to be similar to what a .GKO is.  I sent ITEAD an email so we'll see what they say.