Status Update

A project log for Smart Antenna Tracker

An antenna tracker that adjusts for real-time changes in location, tilt & heading. It replaces a 915MHz 3DR ground radio module.

BrandonBrandon 08/21/2014 at 05:490 Comments

It's almost the August 20th deadline!  Here is an introduction to the Smart Antenna Tracker: 

The mechanical portions of the build are going great!  I have dusted off my woodworking skills and started building an attractive yet light weight base for the antenna tracker.  Anticipate pictures within a week!  

Also, I am seriously considering some ServoCity gearboxes that will make the build sturdier and will save some space on the PCB.

Fun Fact: The Smart Antenna Tracker is going to look like it fell out of a Portal video game.  A happy accident!