The braking system was wrongly done, so i upgraded it to a bigger disk brake 320mm and Brembo 4 piston brake caliper from a Ducati.

I first did a template to get the right measurement to then do a 3D model.

i then print the 2D Drawings to transfer them on a plexiglass sheet.

The main issue is that the calipper and fixture points on the fork are not on the same plane. So that i can't just cut it in one piece aluminium. So i have done it by layer. Thanks to the Plexiglass template i found that the gap is of 15mm.

Once i created the 3D model with the dimensions from the template, once again transfered the drawings, but this time on to Aluminium. Then, got the JIGSAW OUT ! ...And used "some" cutting oil.

The layers are bolted together with 4 M8x1 grade 10.9 bold.

I would do it in a block of Aluminium if my CNC was ready :/